NCSRA Board Meeting

Wednesday, June 27, SCLA, 6:50-8:53 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Kemp Prugh, VP-Leagues; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Chris Zimmerman, Membership Dir.; Bill Fenton, Sec.; John Eisaman, SCLA; Malcolm Jensen, Rio Center; Howard Day, Univ. Club; Meherji Madan, Potomac; Barry Wood, member; Mark Lewis, DC Squash Academy


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of May 22nd meeting. 


2.  Chris reported on local players who have joined neighboring SRAs instead of NCSRA.  There are currently 50 such players.  Chris hopes to find a solution to this problem when he meets with the USSRA Membership Director on July 2nd.


3.  Kemp circulated revised rules based on agreements reached at the May board meeting.  The revisions will be posted on the web, with color highlighting the changes.  The Board then discussed messages from Sport & Health clubs that they would like to receive 48-hour advance notice of player rosters for matches at S&H clubs.  The Board determined that our present procedures, involving same-day notice of rosters, are satisfactory for normal club operations.  Therefore, we should not change our procedures. 


4.  Ghirma read an email from Debbie regarding a decision by S&H to not make courts available for women’s league play during the summer. 


5.  John reported that ads are posted on the web for Wendy & Connie’s squash camps.  He does not know if payment has been received because Bill has not checked the post office box for the last few weeks.  Chris asked if we had considered setting up the ability to receive payments by credit card.  Bill said that had been investigated and that, for the number of transactions we have, the cost would be prohibitively high, unless we could simply charge through some other organization.  Meherji suggested it would make sense for the USSRA to offer such a service.  On a separate subject, John noted he has not received reimbursement for $91 in refreshments during the Fisher Cup tournament.


6.  Hunt reviewed his draft list of upcoming events, which will be circulated to interested parties for review and correction, then will be posted on the web.  Ghirma noted that Fisher Cup trophies have not been distributed.  Hunt said they will be ready soon.  Meherji noted the trophy responsibility was not one that Hunt had volunteered for.  It was also noted that no one has seen the trophy that Rod Barnes had promised for the Premier League.  The Board discussed the goal of bringing a premier pro squash event to Washington, DC, and options for doing that.  Bill suggested that, at least for the present, this goal could best be served by getting behind the efforts of Rod and Connie Barnes to further develop the PSA event they have established. 


7.  The floor was opened for officer nominations to replace the current officers.  The following slate was approved without objection:

            President – Meherji Madan

            Vice-President for Tournaments – Hunt Richardson

            Vice-President for Leagues – Kemp Prugh

            Vice-President for Women – Debbie Boehm-Davis

            Vice-President for Juniors – Barry Wood

            Membership Director – Chris Zimmerman

            Secretary – [vacant]

The term of the current Treasurer was extended pending selection of a successor.


New Business


Mark Lewis, Director of the D.C. Squash Academy, discussed the Academy’s program, and answered questions from the Board.  Mr. Lewis also shared his thoughts on fund-raising options available to the NCSRA.  Ghirma emphasized that the NCSRA supports both local community squash programs – The D.C. Squash Academy and Squash Empower. 


Next meeting:  Thursday, August 9th, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).