NCSRA Board Meeting

Monday, April 16, SCLA, 6:50-9:00 PM


In attendance: Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Kemp Prugh, VP-Leagues; Bill Fenton, Sec.; John Eisaman, SCLA; Malcolm Jensen, Rio Center; Wendy Lawrence, Results; Chris Zimmerman, Pentagon; Meherji Madan, Potomac


Old Business


1. Approved minutes of March 19th meeting.


2. Hunt reviewed plans for the Fisher Cup party. It will be held at Sports Club/LA, beginning at 7pm after the Fisher Cup finals, with the award presentations to start promptly at 8pm. Hunt will be the master of ceremonies, but others will present awards. Admission will be $20 for adult NCSRA members, $25 for adult non-members, $10 for junior members and $15 for junior non-members.


3. Hunt called on the Board to select a recipient for the most improved player award. Bill reviewed the ratings data, concluding that, although the ratings were not absolutely reliable, the Board could be confident that the most improved player would be in a list of the players with the 10 biggest ratings increases. However, the list was not available at the meeting. Malcolm made a motion to "bag it". The motion was seconded by Meherji, and approved by a show of hands.


4. Wendy suggested that the women's Fisher Cup final should be rescheduled to the same time as the Open Div. 1 final. John, as FC Tournament Director, accepted the recommendation. John also noted that some players entered in the women's draw are not NCSRA members.


5. Meherji posed a question regarding the NCSRA's relations with the estate of William FitzGerald, and whether the Ambassador's heirs would continue to support the FitzGerald Cup and the junior achievement award. The discussion that followed led to no conclusions or recommendations.


6. Kemp reviewed the Sport & Health Club stipulations regarding league squash matches. He also suggested some rule revisions to be considered at the May board meeting restricting the participation of touring pros in league matches, and moving Div. 5 back to monday nights. Hunt noted that league playoff results cannot be entered on the website. John said that could be easily fixed.


7. Wendy announced where some of the junior players will be attending college in the fall, including Princeton, Bates, Tufts, Univ. of Virginia, Colorado Wesleyan and Franklin & Marshall. Wendy will provide John with a list of squash camps to be added to the web. She suggested links to camps run by Connie, Brian and Episcopal High School, and recommended a junior squash committee to include junior members from all the squash programs. Hunt will solicit camp data for the web.


New Business


Ghirma announced new appointments to complete the unexpired terms of resignees Chris Zimmerman, as Membership Director; Malcolm Jensen, as Div. 1 Coordinator; and Dave Tulchinsky, as Div. 5 Coordinator.


Next meeting: Tuesday, May 22nd, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).