NCSRA Board Meeting

Monday, March 19, SCLA, 7:00-9:05 PM


In attendance: Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Dan Shostak, Arlington Y; John Eisaman, SCLA; Malcolm Jensen, Rio Center; Patrick Holley, Metropolitan Club; Chris Zimmerman, Pentagon


Old Business


1. Approved minutes of February 21st meeting.


2. Ghirma reported that Debbie Boehm-Davis had sent names to John for the Fisher Cup women's draw, and that she has scheduled dates for women's round-robins through the end of May.


3. Potomac Fever had a full women's draw, most of them Howe Cup players. Altogether, the Fever had about 70 entries, and was the usual fun time.


4. Ghirma reported that Jamil Sopher has suggested a committee to maintain the SquashWars junior page. Bill said he thought the local squash programs, Squash Empower and the DC Squash Academy, might be able to find junior volunteers to maintain the page, with some adult supervision. When he was web editor he had approached schools in the area, but found no interest. Chris thought selecting two players one sophomore and one junior might provide some long-term editorial consistency.


5. We are still looking for a membership director and a coordinator for divisions 5 and/or 6. Discussion focused on job descriptions and whether they should be posted on the web.


6. John reviewed the Fisher Cup selection procedures, in which he asks division coordinators to contact team captains and get nominees for invitations. The criteria are the same as they are for post-season playoff eligibility: Players must be active NCSRA members, and must have played in 25% of their team's matches during the season. Two concerns were raised by other Board members:

a.      Are the ratings sufficiently reliable to support accurate seeding? (John promised he would review seedings with coordinators before finalizing them, and noted that the initial seedings don't usually have much impact on the outcomes.)

b.      Do all captains have input on player selection? (John said he couldn't be certain that they do, but he usually ends up reaching well down into each division's top players before completing a draw, so it's unlikely that good, qualified players are excluded, unless they are simply unavailable to play.)

John reviewed some of the court assignments, noting that all finals will be played at Sports Club/LA. John requested and received a $350 budget for refreshments. Ghirma said he would supply balls to each site.


7. Proposals from Rod Barnes and Malcolm Jensen were tabled, as options to address the excess of league defaults. Discussion of these and other problems with leagues was tabled until the May board meeting, on a motion by Patrick, seconded by Dan and passed by acclimation. Dan's motion for a conflict of interest rule was postponed to the April meeting at Dan's request.


8. John asked about web pricing. No conclusion was reached, but it was tentatively agreed that a banner could be priced at $50 per month.


9. Hunt reviewed preparations for the Fisher Cup party and awards ceremony. Current plans call for admission to be priced at $15 per person in advance, and $20 per person at the door. There will be a cash bar.


Next meeting: Monday, April 16th, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).