NCSRA Board Meeting

Tuesday, December 19, SCLA, 6:57-8:40 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Kemp Prugh, VP-Leagues; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Michael Pettigrew, Worldgate; Rohith Shetty, Membership Dir. & Webmaster; John Eisaman, SCLA & Div. 4; Dan Shostak, Arlington Y


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of November 16th meeting. 


2.  Hunt reported 70-75 entries in the junior National Capital Grand Prix on the weekend of Nov. 17, with some players coming from as far as Cincinnati, Philadelphia and New York.  Ghirma said there were 25 entries in the 2.5 and 3.5 draws of the Sno-Ball Slo-Ball.  Hunt initiated a discussion of why adult tournament entries have declined, suggesting use of the NCSRA email lists and more web links on subsidiary pages of SquashWars.


3.  Rohith announced that he does not wish to do membership promotions. 


4.  Ghirma circulated copies of a message from Sport & Health Club Program Director Shelly Nasworthy regarding league play.  Kemp showed the schedule tables he had generated and all agreed that they clearly met the court-reservation needs expressed by S&H.  It was agreed that the only practical solution respecting the S&H request for player lists would be for captains to send each host club a list of players in advance of each match, and Kemp will ask coordinators to confirm that this requirement has been forwarded to all captains.  Several board members complained that league match results are not being reported in a timely manner on SquashWars, and Kemp said he would also press coordinators on this subject. 


5.  Ghirma reported on activities in the women's league.  Round robins have resumed, with the next one scheduled for the University Club on December 2nd.  Debbie Boehm-Davis is organizing a team for the Lacey Cup.  Hunt asked for more support in communicating with women players, and suggested that Debbie should regularly correspond with club pros. 


6.  Dan read portions of a Dec. 14 report from Rod Barnes on the subject of the premier league, the PSA tournament at Worldgate on Feb. 13-18, Sport & Health Club court renovations, and junior activities at Sport & Health clubs, including their new varsity high school league.  Regarding support for S&H internal leagues, Hunt asked how much the NCSRA should support non-NCSRA activities.  Dan said he opposes supporting any squash activity not sanctioned by the USSRA. 


7.  Rohith announced that the new SquashWars site will be fully implemented after Dec. 25.  He asked that everyone refrain from sending inquiries or requests before then, so he can focus on completing the implementation.  Regarding the appearance of the home page, he noted that content does not actually reside on the new home page.  Instead, it resides on other pages, with the home page merely displaying portions of select news items and routing users to subsidiary pages.  The intent of this web concept is to not do any actual editing on the home page. 


Next meeting:  Tuesday, January 16th, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).