NCSRA Board Meeting

Thursday, November 16, SCLA, 7:05-9:05 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Meherji Madan, Potomac; John Eisaman, SCLA & Div. 4; Chris Zimmermann, Pentagon; Dan Shostak, Arlington Y


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of October 25th meeting. 


2.  Hunt reported there were only 11 entries in the Cardinal Fall hardball tournament on the weekend of Nov. 10-12.  There were 45 in the Trifecta 1 at Worldgate.  Draws were posted at the AussieNick website.  The National Capital Grand Prix is scheduled for the weekend of Nov. 17, with the Sno Ball Slo Ball on Dec. 8-10.  The FitzGerald and Lacey Cups will be played on Feb. 3 in Baltimore.  Discussion followed regarding how the SquashWars website can help support local tournaments.  Ghirma suggested that the home page should automatically display links for the next three tournaments on the schedule. 


3.  Ghirma conveyed Kevin’s report that the only spending since the previous board meeting was for the website and the Howe Cup entry fees. 


4.  The Board reviewed past practices in selecting recipients for the junior achievement awards.  The agenda for the December meeting will include options to be discussed.  Ghirma said Brian O’Hora is responsible for ensuring that selections are made in accordance with Board guidelines, and he should send a nominating memo to all the area pros with junior clients. 


5.  For the women’s league, Ghirma reported that the next round-robin will be played at the University Club on December 2nd.  Others are scheduled for Results and Sports Club/LA. 


6.  Chris conveyed the unhappiness of Pentagon players that divisions 4 and 5 are both playing on Thursday night, since they have some division 5 players who also like to compete at the higher level.  Dan provided some background on how this happened.  Several board members expressed the view that this was not a desirable schedule arrangement, since it means that a lot of available monday dates are going unused, and violates the principle that adjacent divisions should be well separated on the schedule.   Ghirma suggested that specific team match-ups could be rescheduled, but Chris pointed out that doing so would be very complicated. 


7.  Rio Center has expressed an interest in pulling out of division 2, so their players can compete in division 1.  Several board members suggested this created an opportunity for Bethesda to enter division 2.  The consensus was that this would be up to Patrick if he can work out the schedule with the Bethesda captain and Shelly Nasworthy, the Sport & Health Director of Programs. 


8.  Division 1 is scheduled to kick off on Nov. 18 with matches for all teams at Sports Club/LA.  There will be seven teams – two from Results (the Lucky Charms, captained by Mike Keegan; and Spicy Tuna, with Buz Sawyer); two from Bethesda (Rod Barnes’s Bulls and Dave Elder’s Longhorns); the SCLA Sparks, captained by Hunt; the PSC Pride, with Ross Campbell; and a Rio Center team to be named later, co-captained by Rohith Shetty and Malcolm Jensen. 


9.  Ghirma reported that Rohith has been given priorities for conversion of SquashWars to the new server and format.  The scoring system is already working. 


10.  Meherji reviewed his recommendations for a fund-raising committee. 


Next meeting:  Tuesday, December 19th, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).