NCSRA Board Meeting

Wednesday, October 25, SCLA, 7:00-8:35 PM

In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Kemp Prugh, VP-Leagues; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Michael Pettigrew, Worldgate; Meherji Madan, Potomac; John Eisaman, SCLA & Div. 4; Patrick Holley, Metropolitan & Div. 2; Wendy Lawrence, Results; Chris Zimmermann, Pentagon; Dan Shostak, Arlington Y

 Old Business

 1.  Approved minutes of September 19th meeting. 

 2.  Hunt reported 65 entries in the Lucky Nick.  The Cardinal Fall hardball tournament is scheduled for Nov. 10-12 and the National Capital Grand Prix for the weekend of Nov. 17. 

 3.  Ghirma reviewed correspondence with Sport & Health Program Director Shelly Nasworthy, and a Connie Barnes email to S&H members regarding the internal S&H squash program.  Ghirma noted that he has agreed to have league business communicated directly to managers at S&H clubs, but has not yet received club manager contact info from S&H. Sport & Health also requested a list of all NCSRA members, but this is impractical, so Ghirma has assured S&H that teams rosters will be sent to club managers before each match.  Sport & Health clubs will not request fees from visiting players this season, but may do so in the future.  Several board members noted that it would not be practical for NCSRA to operate fee-based leagues. 

 4.  Kemp reviewed the impact of S&H policy on leagues schedules.  In particular, he noted that Sport & Health Management has restricted home matches to one night per week for some clubs and two nights per week for others, with the understanding that specific nights may vary from week to week.  Kemp has a list of restrictions for each club and has been using it to help coordinate league schedules.  In some cases, where a club is fielding more teams than the number of home matches permitted per week, it may not be possible to accomodate schedules to all the S&H home-match restrictions, every week.  In those instances, the S&H teams will have three options: ask their club management to waive the restriction, ask the opposing club management to host the match, or forfeit.  It was emphasized that any matches shifted to opposing clubs must be approved by that club's management, to prevent Sport & Health policies from impacting other clubs. 

5.  Ghirma reported that Connie Barnes has asked the USSRA to sanction S&H internal league matches, despite the fact that her email to S&H members has advised them that they do not need to join USSRA.  Kevin Klipstein, President of USSRA, copied Ghirma on his reply to Connie, in which he stated that USSRA always supports the local squash association. 

 6.  Ghirma provided an update on division structure for the winter season.  Of special interest was the news that there will be no division 6 this winter.  Six teams will be in division 5, but they will be using players with skill ratings below 2.80, previously designated the upper limit for div. 6 teams.  Only two teams with players rated above 2.80 expressed an interest in playing div. 5, and div. Coordinator Brad Case suggested to them that they move up to division 4.  Brad has not officially designated an upper skill limit for this winter in div. 5.  There will also be ten teams in div. 2, and eight in div. 4.  Divisions 1 and 3 have not been finalized yet. 

 7.  Patrick informed the Board that after he had circulated the final schedule for div. 2, Bethesda S&H asked if they could enter a team.  He informed them that it would not be practical because it would be necessary to extend the season beyond the previously scheduled date for Fisher Cup.  The Board endorsed this conclusion, and also endorsed Patrick's decision to not allow a 5.01 player to be rerated so he could compete in div. 2. 

 8.  Ghirma and Mike updated the Board on plans for the revamped website.  Most of the pages that have had heavy traffic in the past have been redesigned and will be online, on a new server, by mid-November.  Schedules for divisions 1, 3 and 5 have still not been received.  The automatic membership functions will not be available until later in the season. 

 9.  Following the September discussion of survey options, Ghirma reemphasized that the NCSRA should conduct such surveys. 

 New Business

 1.  Meherji recommended two practices to strengthen NCSRA finances.  The first would be a planning document, spelling out the annual goals for the NCSRA, and the second would be a planned giving appeal.  As an example of a planned giving appeal, he circulated one from the National Christian Choir. 

 Next meeting:  Thursday, November 16th, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).