NCSRA Board Meeting

Monday, August 21, SCLA, 6:59-9:05 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Rohith Shetty, Membership Dir.; Michael Pettigrew, Worldgate; Meherji Madan, Potomac; Natalie Grainger, Results; Andrew Strasfogel, member


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of July 12th meeting. 


2.  Natalie Grainger updated the Board on preparations for the WISPA Capitol Open in 2007.  Sponsorship commitments already exceed $70k, including Harrow, Nike, Carr, Hughes, Chub Insurance and others.  Another $70k-$75k is needed, which could be achieved from ticket sales if 60-70% of seats are sold.  Once dates are confirmed, tickets will be sold online, at  The event is provisionally scheduled for the weekend of Feb. 24-28, though final confirmation will not be possible until late November, 90 days before the selected date.  The Feb. date would be ideal in terms of the WISPA calendar, with the finals concluding just before the first round of qualifying for the Tournament of Champions.  Kerry Cannon is spearheading media promotions.  Closer to the event, it will be possible to take advantage of some Union Station promotional support.  The D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission have been very helpful. 


3.  The Board congratulated Regency, represented by Michael Pettigrew, on winning the summer championship in Div. 2.  Hunt reported on an unprecedented drop off in league play this summer, and the Board discussed concerns about whether this was a temporary setback or a symptom of an ongoing decline in interest. 


4.  Debbie submitted a written Women's Report, circulated by Ghirma:  “The women's league continues to meet about twice/month.  The summer outings have been small, but I expect them to pick up in the fall.  I am amazed by the number of women who are currently injured and who cannot play (I guess it's the same with men, but there seems to be a rash of injuries/health issues lately).  The summer schedule ends this weekend, and we will get the fall schedule up shortly.  I need to mesh it with practice for Howe Cup, so am working on that now. The following women have expressed an interest in playing in the Howe Cup: Carole Grunberg (maybe), Sheila Reynolds, Amy Newman, Ann Monahan (?), AJ Copeland (?), Donna Sharpe, Cheryl Springfels, Jane Collins (?), Mona Evans (says she has an entire team lined up, but hasn't given me names), Martha Gaston, Susan Laws, Amelia Davis, Heidi Fisher, Christi Tezak, Laura Bridge.  (The maybes/question marks are either injured or tentative).  I expect that a few more women will surface before the actual matches begin.  We probably don't have enough players to field an A team.  We may have sufficient interest for a B team, and there is definitely enough interest for a C team (maybe two).  We don't yet have captains for each team (although Mona says she will captain one C team).  I've put out a call for captains and for people to help me organize the practices/coaches leading up to the event.  That schedule will be posted as soon as it is ready (hopefully, by the end of August).”


5.  In his tournament report, Hunt noted that the Capitol Open will be accompanied by some amateur and junior draws at Results, with finals to be played at Union Station.  He also said he is committing the Lucky Nick to have a $5,000 pro draw at the 6.0 skill level.  His calendar of upcoming events will be posted to the web by Rohith.  It lists 41 events with local interest between now and April 15th.


New Business


1.  Rohith Shetty and Michael Pettigrew submitted a joint proposal to manage the NCSRA web site:

New Home Page – $900 (required to support other db-driven functions)

News & Archives – $750

Tournaments – $750 (excluding non-standard formats, such as Fisher Cup)

League Start and End – $750

Results linked to home page – $500

Automatic membership-league eligibility checking – $950

Forum – $1,250

Automatic Ratings – $950

New Logo – $600                               

Total for all functions - $7,400

For most of these functions, input will be controlled by user-friendly forms.  All prices listed are one-time costs to set up database-driven functions on the SquashWars website.  Once a function is purchased, there would be no subsequent maintenance charges for that function.  Maintenance of other functions on SquashWars would be billed to NCSRA at a rate of $30 per hour.


2.  During discussion it was noted that acceptance of the entire web proposal described above would consume an entire year of NCSRA income from dues, with minor maintenance costs in later years.  (Non-dues income is usually minimal.)  Bill submitted the following motion, seconded by Ghirma

a) The Board should accept the Shetty-Pettigrew proposal, excluding forum and logo, with a commitment from the contractors to complete the set up work before the start of the winter league season;

b) The Board should accept the contractors’ proposal for the forum, to be implemented in the next fiscal year;

c) The Board should continue to exercise operational control of the web site through the office of a Web Administrator, which would be an elected position on the Board.  The Administrator would report to the Board on web operations and costs, monitor and supervise the work of the contractor, review all user inquiries, responding to those of a non-technical nature and forwarding technical inquiries to the contractor.  Also, for text to be inserted in news and archive sections, it would be submitted to the Administrator.


Next meeting:  Tuesday, September 19th, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome).