NCSRA Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 12, SCLA, 7:08-9:10 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Patrick Holley, Div. 2 Coordinator; Dan Shostak, Arlington Y Sport & Health; Michael Pettigrew, Worldgate; Meherji Madan, Potomac


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of June 15th meeting. 


2.  Meeting opened with spontaneous discussion of problems relating to travel for league matches.  Mike praised the weekend scheduling of matches in Div. 1, and said players at Worldgate had expressed support for doing the same in other divisions, especially for matches between teams that are particularly far apart, such as Worldgate, Rio Center and Univ. of Maryland.  Ghirma suggested that league coordinators could consider this as an option when drawing up schedules at the beginning of the season, contacting captains for distant clubs and asking them if they would like to have specific matches scheduled on a weekend. 


3.  Women's Report.  Ghirma read a report submitted by Debbie Boehm-Davis.  The Women's League started play in mid-June, with box play.  All the players meet at a single site and are grouped in boxes according to their skill ratings, and each person plays two regulation games against each of the other players in their box.  The league results will also be used to help select Howe Cup teams. 


4.  Treasurer's Report.  Patrick presented a report submitted by Kevin Haggerty.  Income from members' dues for the fiscal year ending in June 2006 was $6,500 and expenses were $1,500 for league & Fisher Cup plaques, the NCSRA website and miscellaneous items, leaving a surplus of $5,000.  The report recommended planning for use of future surpluses as follows:

            40% for leagues (trophies, Fisher Cup and other social events)

            20% for development and special events (exhibitions, referee clinics, etc.)

            15% for juniors (scholarships, camp vouchers, etc.)

            15% for women (e.g., Howe Cup entry fees)

              5% for hardball activities

              5% for unanticipated needs

The allotments for juniors, women and hardball were approximately in proportion to the share of members who are juniors, women or hardball players, so Patrick and Kevin thought these allocations might encourage membership promotions in those categories.  Current reserves were reported at $24,000 in a cash account and $6,000 in the Vanguard Junior Development Fund.  The report recommended retaining $10,000 in liquid reserve, and creating an event & development endowment with initial funding at $14,000.  Finally, an endowment drive for junior and women's program was outlined. 


5.  Meherji argued that some version of the financial report should be posted on the web and suggested some ways to improve the visual presentation of it and include more information.  Bill asked for an audit of the dues income, because it seemed low relative to the reported number of members.  He also said we can expect a substantial increase in web costs now that Rod has resigned.  Further discussion included some ideas for sponsorships, either for the Fisher Cup or the Howe Cup teams. 


6.  Web report.  Bill reported on a meeting with Ghirma and Rohith Shetty to discuss requirements for contracting out the operation and maintenance of the web site.  He suggested a Board officer should act as web administrator and contracting officer.  The administrator's responsibilities would include direct supervision of the home page, advising the contractor on all other pages, responding to member inquiries, editing all content for style and reporting to the Board.  Based on a preliminary estimate of 300 hours per year for SquashWars maintenance and operation and a $30 per hour billing rate for web services, the estimated cost for NCSRA web services would be $9,000 per year.  Several board members have noted that this cost exceeds the annual income from membership dues, so options will have to be considered. 


7.  Dan made a motion that the Board pursues two strategic investments - $5,000 for web renovation and development, and $1,000 for membership promotion.  The motion was tabled for further consideration at the August meeting. 


8.  Tournament Report.  Hunt and Ghirma reviewed upcoming tournaments.  Registrations for the Mosquito Open are low, but the 2.5 draw is looking very good.  Ghirma updated the Board on planning for the WISPA event in Union Station on the last weekend in August.  Bill urged the Board to approve purchase of a box by NCSRA, to be made available for hosting Ambassadors or ranking embassy staffs who come to the matches, as they did during the WISPA event held at Sports Club/LA in 2004.  Board members present agreed to this in principle, but no one present had pricing information, so it was agreed that Bill would get the prices and circulate them to all Board members for email approval of a purchase. 


New Business


1.  Ghirma circulated copies of a draft letter he intended to send to all members by email to review the NCSRA achievements of the past year. 


Next meeting:  Monday, August 21st, SCLA, 6:45 PM (NCSRA members welcome). 



Web estimate:

Tournaments & other special events

            4-10 hours per event (80)

            (Creating pages, posting draws & results, archiving pages)

League season transitions

            20-40 hours per season (80)

            (Creating pages, adjusting links, archiving pages)

League updates (80)

            2 hours per week

Home page (12)

            1 hour per month

Membership page (12)

            1 hour per month

All other pages combined (50)

            1 hour per week