NCSRA Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 4, SCLA, 7:05-8:40 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Kemp Prugh, VP-Leagues; Bettina Aten, VP-Women; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Rod Barnes, web editor; John Eisaman, Div. 4 Coordinator; Dan Krech, Sports Club/LA; Chris von Huth, YMCA; Andrew Strasfogel, Potomac Squash Club; Howard Day, University Club; Malcolm Jensen, Rio Center; Dan Shostak, Arlington Y Sport & Health; Maj Madan, member


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of March 13th meeting. 


2.  Tournaments Report.  Hunt updated the Board on plans for a WISPA event, and Ghirma read Natalie's e-mail report.  Elizabeth Dupree has created a sponsor package, while Hunt and Cynthia Tezak have produced a promotional package.  The bottom line is we need to raise another $45,000. 


3.  Women's report.  Bettina reported that Debbie Boehm-Davis has tentatively volunteered to take over as Vice-President for Women when Bettina steps down following the Fisher Cup.  A record number of women are in the Fisher Cup.  There will be eight players divided into two boxes at the level of divisions 1-3, and ten in two boxes at the div. 4-6 level.  Ghirma complimented Bettina on increasing women's membership in NCSRA. 


4.  Leagues report.  Patrick Holley will be taking over as division 2 coordinator.  Kemp will ask John Billings for nominees to take over div. 3.  Ghirma also asked Kemp to survey coordinators and captains regarding the Order-of-Merit rule.  A general discussion followed on the subject of OOM and other rules.  Malcolm argued that ratings do not respond well to players' changing skill levels, but OOMs can help maintain proper playing order. 


6.  Fisher Cup.  John Eisaman reviewed Fisher Cup procedures.  The draws are posted on the web, with 13 players in division 1, 16 players each in divisions 2-6 and 18 women in two divisions.  Most sites have non-playing individuals assigned to direct play.  Finals will be at Sports Club/LA on April 22nd, followed by a 7:00 p.m. membership party at the Singapore Bistro on 19th Street, between L and M.  The price will be $10 (advance purchase, $15 at the door) for dinner, plus a cash bar.  Hunt asked if league plaques would be ready for presentation at the dinner, and Bill said he could pick them up if the order was placed as soon as the league competition wrapped up on the 5th.


New Business


1.  Maj discussed an e-mail proposal he had circulated, arguing that (a) discussion should be streamlined by assigning issues to committee for deliberation before bringing them to the Board, (b) a process for officer succession should be established, and (c) clubs should be fined for not sending a representative to Board meetings and excluded from league participation if they miss three consecutive meetings. 


2.  Ghirma noted that Bettina had written a letter to Sport & Health clubs criticizing one of their squash pros.  Bettina assured the Board that she made clear in the letter that she was writing it as a private individual, and refused to discuss the matter further.  Most Board members were unfamiliar with the contents of the letter, and the consensus was that there was no action for the Board to take. 


3.  Dan noted that on several occasions in the past, including last fall and again this Spring, major NCSRA-sponsored events were scheduled on important Jewish holidays.  He moved that the NCSRA commit itself to holding no sponsored event on major religious holidays.  After a lengthy discussion, the motion failed by a vote of 8-2 with three abstentions. 


Next meeting: Wednesday, May 10, SCLA, 6:45 (NCSRA members welcome).