NCSRA Board Meeting

Thursday, February 16, SCLA, 6:50-9:00 PM


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Andrew Strasfogel, Potomac; John Eisaman, Sports Club/LA; John Billings, Results; Tim Curry, Univ. Club; Patrick Holley, Metropolitan Club; Chris von Huth, YMCA


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of Jan. 11th meeting. 


2.  Tournaments Report.  Hunt reported that the Woodruff-Nee went well, with 69 entries, including eight in the hardball pro event, played at the Downtown YMCA along with the 16-player hardball combined draw.  Hunt noted that the Woodruff-Nee is one of the rare Washington events that consistently combines good squash with a great post-tournament social. 


3.  Juniors report.  Brian's report on junior activity was read and accepted. 


4.  Womens report.  Bettina's report was read and accepted.  Ghirma noted that players in the women's division have been joining the NCSRA at Bettina's urging. 


5.  Leagues report.  The league coordinators who were present reported on the progress of the season.  John Billings updated the Board on the controversy surrounding a match default in Div. 3.  The Board listened to his plan for handling the issue and made no objection. 


6.  Web report.  Ghirma circulated the report from Rod.  It included progress on interfacing our member rating data with RailStation following a discussion between Rod and Kevin Klipstein.  The USSRA are reportedly reluctant to send tournament data to NCSRA, and Rod was not certain whether this would be important.  Bill, who currently maintains the NCSRA ratings database said this would have a slight effect on a small number of players, and was probably not worth worrying about since we are moving toward integrating our league match results with the USSRA database.  Rod proposed moving the NCSRA website onto the Rommark server, which currently hosts the match database.  The Board approved this proposal on a voice vote. 


7.  Finance report.  Ghirma circulated the financial report from Kevin Haggerty.  The Vanguard Fund was listed at $6,567.80.  Other financial assets were $27,754.31. 


New Business


Rohith Shetty was confirmed as the new Membership Director. 


We discussed recent correspondence with USSRA regarding certification of league play.  The USSRA has established a schedule of fees for certification of local SRA leagues.  The total cost to NCSRA would be about $100.  Also, USSRA-certified leagues are limited to USSRA-member clubs, which must pay an annual fee of $75 for membership.  Bill expressed concern that this restriction would limit our ability to maximize the size of our leagues.  The Board agreed by voice vote to solicit membership from all clubs currently participating in NCSRA leagues, then decide, based on the response from local clubs, how to approach the issue of USSRA certification. 


John Eisaman updated the Board on plans for the Fisher Cup and discussed some outstanding questions.  The following were agreed to:

  1. The Fisher Cup would be held in April.  The first round will be the week of 10 April on the normal league night.  The second round will be the week of 17 April on the normal league night.  The semifinals and finals will be held on April 21st and 22nd respectively.  There will be consolation play-offs held concurrently with the finals.
  2. Sports Club/LA and University Club will be the venues for the semifinals.  Sports Club/LA will be the venue for the finals and consolation play-offs.
  3. John will send out an announcement to league coordinators within the next 2 weeks, and begin sending invitations the week of March 6th.
  4. There will be a women’s division, for which John will coordinate with Bettina.
  5. The box matches will be held as they have been in the past, i.e., one court per box.  However, if league coordinators wish to use a two court format they may.  This will involve having additional people to referee.
  6. League coordinators will be encouraged to use international courts as much as possible, depending on availability.
  7. Players will continue to get a preference to play at their home club if it is chosen as a site.
  8. There will be a social event on the evening of April 22nd.  There is a committee organizing that.
  9. Bill Fenton has agreed to arrange for plaques/trophies for the Fisher Cup and the league winners.
  10. Everyone agreed that publicity and sponsorship would be good, but no one had specific proposals for either.  If someone figures something out John will support it.  However, his time will be tied up emailing and coordinating 120 or so players at multiple venues, so he will not be pursuing publicity or sponsorship.


Two subjects were tabled for discussion at the next Board meeting: A review of eligibility limits for league play, and the question of whether we need to establish a rule governing the withdrawal of a league team in mid-season. 


Next meeting:  Monday, March 13, SCLA, 6:45 (NCSRA members welcome).