NCSRA Board Meeting

Wednesday, January 11, SCLA, 6:57-9:05 PM


In attendance: Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Brian O'Hora, VP-Juniors; Bettina Aten, VP-Women; Kemp Prugh, VP-Leagues; Bruce Simons-Morton, Past President; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Mona Evans, Membership; Wendy Lawrence, Results; Andrew Strasfogel, Potomac; Howard Day, Univ. Club; Shyam Menon, Univ. of Maryland


Old Business


1. Approved minutes of Nov. 15th meeting.


2. Tournaments Report. Hunt reviewed the calendar. The next event is the Woodruff-Nee, which will be a four-day event, so the Univ. Club can accommodate more entries and have consolations on their two courts. Entry deadline is February 6th. The schedule for the Fisher Cup was reviewed first round during the week of April 10th, 2nd round the following week, with semi-finals and finals on April 22 and 23, along with a social event.


3. Juniors report. Brian reported some tournament results, but noted that some parents have reported some difficulties signing up through the SquashWars website. He suggested there should be a "Join Now" link from the home page, as there is on the USSRA website. Ghirma suggested we should get the registration form on our site, rather than linking to another website. Brian is still working on developing a ladder for all the local juniors.


4. Womens report. Bettina reported that 40 league matches have been played, and players have not experienced difficulty entering clubs for the matches. Round robins have been held at Univ. Club, Results, SCLA and Potomac. Wendy suggested one could also be held at Potomac School. The Lacey Cup is scheduled for Jan. 21st at Results. Eighteen DC players have expressed interest.


5. Leagues report. The VP for Leagues asked for a ruling on whether league matches could be played with balls from suppliers other than Dunlop. The sense of the board was that this would conflict with the USSRA sponsorship deal with Dunlop. Brian also said that balls from some of the other suppliers do not always play the same. Bruce reported that Pentagon has dropped out of Div. 2, raising a question of how to treat match results that have already been recorded against Pentagon. He laid out the pros and cons of the various options, and the Board agreed to support his judgement. Rod has proposed developing a premier league, and is searching for a sponsor. There was some interest in the idea, but the proposal was tabled until Rod could be present to discuss it.


6. Web report. The report submitted by email from Rod was reviewed. Recent additions to SquashWars include a club locator, pro shop listings, Board of Directors page, and a fully-functional league data entry system. Bruce commented that the data entry system is working to everyone's satisfaction. Rod requested that the Board consider compensating Rohith Shetty for future effort he might put into upgrading the web site with regard to membership. The proposal was tabled until the next meeting.


7. Membership report. Mona announced plans to resign as soon as the Board could find a replacement. She said she was beginning to enjoy what she was doing as Membership Director, but felt it required more time than she could commit to.


New Business


Shyam reported on the scheduling constraints established by the Univ. of Maryland for teams playing league matches on the University's Recreation Center courts. He said all black-out-date matches have been rescheduled (a total of eight team matches for the three league teams). Kemp said it should not be difficult for the league coordinators to schedule around the black-out dates in future seasons, now that the policy is known. It would just be necessary for the team captains to supply a calendar of the affected dates several weeks before the normal season start time.


Next meeting: Thursday, Feb. 16, SCLA, 6:45 (NCSRA members welcome).