NCSRA Board Meeting

Tuesday, November 15, SCLA, 6:58-9:05 PM


In attendance: Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Bettina Aten, VP-Women; Kevin Haggerty, Treasurer; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Bruce Simons-Morton, Past Pres.; Andrew Strasfogel, Potomac Squash Club; John Billings, Results (Div. 3 coordinator); John Eisaman, Sports Club/LA (Div. 4 coordinator); Patrick Holly, Metropolitan Club; Meherji Madan


Old Business


1. Approved minutes of Oct. 6th meeting.


2. Treasurer's Report. Kevin Haggerty reported there had been one deposit in September, none in Oct. or Nov. Current balances:

-         Vanguard Fund (for junior development), $6,270;

-         Checking account, $25,420.


3. Tournaments Report. Hunt reported that the Lucky Nick had 60-70 entries and 12 pros competing for $2,600 in prize money. The net profit for him and the club was $500-$600, which provides a very poor return for the effort required to organize, promote and run the tournament. Hunt suggested that future tournaments might not be practical without a fundraising committee. Ghirma reported on the Cardinal Fall hardball tournament, which had 19 entries, with eight players competing in a pro draw. He also encouraged support for the Bethesda Silver junior event on the weekend of 18-20 Nov. and the Sno-Ball Slo Ball in December.


4. Juniors report. Hunt reported that he has been collecting data from Wendy Lawrence and Connie Barnes for a local junior ladder, to be limited to NCSRA members. Ghirma read an email from Brian O'Hora, who could not be present, requesting that the board discuss the following subjects:

- Ways in which the board think we can unite the juniors from the different

clubs in the DC area to start a DC Junior Ladder.

- Perhaps create an inter-club junior tournament?

- It would be good to hold some NCSRA squads to improve the general

standard and to also offer more to the membership. Make it more widely

known that there are tournaments for kids to play in locally as well as


- Ways in which we can cultivate more squash playing juniors in schools

that have not got squash.

- Communication between the pros in the area that have junior programs.


5. Leagues report. Bruce, John Billings and John Eisaman, the coordinators for divisions 2, 3 and 4, reported that the leagues are running well, and the new reporting system developed by Rohith Shetty is working extremely well. The latest feature, added at the beginning of Nov., is a validation system, whereby data entry by one captain automatically generates an email to the opposing team captain, notifying him or her of the results entered.


6. Women's report. Bettina reported on the Howe Cup tournament in Philadelphia. Washington sent four teams, and while none of them won their draws, they all won some matches and had a great time. Bettina is organizing a women's league in the form of a ladder matrix, and she asked for assurance that each player could gain free access to other clubs twice a month for the purpose of playing league matches. Ghirma urged her to promote NCSRA membership among the women. She has 50 women in her directory, of which about 30 are active players. She said the women do not want the ladder on the web. Bettina will also organize a Lacy Cup team for the same weekend as the Fitzgerald Cup, and she reported on Natalie Grainger's plans for four women's clinics two at Results, one at SC/LA and one at Meadow Mill.


7. Web report. Ghirma read Rod Barnes' report, submitted ahead of time. It reviewed the progress of the web-based league reporting system, and reported that the Lucky Nick week saw a record in SquashWars user traffic an average of 980 page hits per day, and requested comments on a proposed new look for the home page. He also reported development of a new club locator tool, which is almost ready for implementation.


8. Membership. The board discussed the work of the Membership Director, and agreed that Ghirma would contact her to see if she wanted to continue in the position.


New Business


1. Ghirma reviewed proposals for referee training. He praised our past experience with mentors for novice referees, and other suggestions that have been circulated. The board approved purchase of three copies of the new referee DVD available from a supplier in England.


2. Ghirma reviewed budget proposals. Patrick and Kevin were tasked with preparing a draft budget to be presented at the next meeting.


Next meeting: Wednesday, Jan. 11, SCLA, 6:45 (NCSRA members welcome).