Thursday, October 6, SCLA, 6:45-9:00 PM


NCSRA Board Meeting


In attendance:  Ghirma Meres, Pres.; Hunt Richardson, VP-Tournaments; Brian O'Hora, VP-Juniors; Bill Fenton, Sec.; Mona Evans, Membership; Wendy Lawrence, Results; Jonathan Lam, Tenley


Old Business


1.  Approved minutes of Sept. 8th meeting. 


2.  Treasurer's Report.  Ghirma reported account balances as of Oct. 4th, information from Treasurer Kevin Haggerty, who could not be present:

-         Vanguard Fund (for junior development), $6,263.79;

-         Checking account, $26,670.13. 


3.  Tournaments Report.  Hunt reviewed the tournament calendar, which has been updated on the NCSRA website.  The Lacey Cup will be added to coincide with the FitzGerald Cup on January 7th.  The next local tournament is the Lucky Nick Open at Sports Club/LA on Oct.  20-23.  Hunt is currently raising money for a possible pro draw in conjunction with the Lucky Nick. 


4.  Juniors report.  Brian reported that two local juniors, David Canner and Peter Sopher, are competing for spots on the junior national team that will represent the U.S. at the world championships in New Zealand in 2006.  Also, Brian will be taking some local players to the Scottish Junior Open during the Christmas season.  Discussed funding for junior programs, but did not act on any formal proposal.  Board approved a motion that the web should give equal treatment to all programs, and that listing on the web would constitute NCSRA endorsement. 


5.  Hunt proposed giving scholarships to juniors for tournament entries.  He and Brian will flesh out this proposal and submit it for discussion at the next Board meeting.


6.  Leagues report.  The VP for Leagues and all division coordinators were absent, but most coordinators had submitted schedules or draft schedules, and it was noted that they were in keeping with the goal of completing the winter season in late March, so that the Fisher Cup could take place in April.  Div. 2 will start play first, with opening matches on Oct. 11th. 


7.  Hunt commented on the number of default matches during the summer season, and there was some discussion of whether the defaults were excessive.  Bill promised to research this and include data in these minutes.  Records show the following: Div. 1, 13 of 59 matches defaulted; Div. 2, 12 of 96; Div. 3, 5 of 60; Div. 4, 14 of 178; Div. 5, 18 of 167; Div. 6, 8 of 120.  In several divisions one team accounted for half or more of the defaults, so that of the total of 70 defaults over the summer, six teams had 43 of them, including 13 by one team in Div. 5. 


8.  Mona reported, on behalf of Women's VP, Bettina Aten, that Washington, DC, has entered four teams in this fall's Howe Cup tournament in Philadelphia.  The Board approved a motion to pay half the entry fees for all NCSRA members representing Washington, DC. 


9.  The Board reviewed responsibilities of the Membership Director, emphasizing the importance of promptly defaulting any matches played by ineligible players (i.e., the 2nd match played by any non-member).  It was agreed that Bill will supply Mona with the generic language for a default notification, and that through the first several weeks of the season Mona will supply each division coordinator with a weekly list showing the membership status of active players. 


10. Hall of fame.  The Board approved a proposal for Wendy to research the selection and induction practices of other squash associations operating halls of fame, especially the USSRA. 


11. It was agreed that an end of season party would be scheduled in conjunction with the Fisher Cup.  It will include a semi-formal dinner and awards presentation, and funding would not include fees charged to players in the Fisher Cup invitational.  Ghirma also proposed that officer elections could take place during the party, as a means of increasing participation in Board selection.  Ghirma appointed a planning committee consisting of Wendy, Brian, Hunt, Ghirma and Bill.


Next meeting:  Tuesday, Nov. 15, SCLA, 6:45 (NCSRA members welcome).