1-Welcome and Introduction


Ghirma welcomed all to the first meeting of the new committee.




A-Treasurer (Kevin)


Nil Report.


B-Tournaments (Hunt)


·         Hunt promulgated tournament listings for the upcoming year (Hunt I need the latest of this).

·         Lucky Nick, attempting a $10k tournament, but no major sponsor yet.

o        Wendy offered Results on Fri/Sat if required for overflow from LN

·         Discussion on attempting to host Women’s summit again as a WSPA tournament. Would need a major sponsor early on because of the effort required to raise the large amount of money required.

·         Discussion on Junior Tournaments, and how the Gold/Silver/Bronze color system has replaced the “future stars” concept.


C-Juniors (Wendy for Brian)


·        Brian wants a junior’s master contact list for global distribution of material.

·        Results hosting new junior round robins on Friday afternoons. Will be supervised by a pro.

·        Discussion about a Results “College Night”. Discussion on the links between squash and college????


D-League play (Kemp and Division Coordinators)

·        Discussion on OOM. Bruce pointed out that some people had argued when the ratings were patently wrong. Rod indicated it went well in Div 1, eliminating most issues surrounding OOM. Ratings are only supposed to be one of several inputs for OOM, and the supervisor has authority to accept OOMs that do not strictly conform to ratings order.

·        Leagues should be organized to finish on March 27th  to accommodate the Fisher Cup and the NCSRA annual party.


E-Revised Regulations and Guidelines for League play (Kemp)

·        (Attached). Kemp introduced the changes to the committee. The proposals attracted some discussion on whether they should be considered immediately or postponed for consideration at next meeting. Rod indicated that the changes were really only reflecting what had occurred this season and since they had been distributed much earlier, unless people had objection to the text they should be considered at this meeting. Hunt indicated he did not think the changes went far enough and some extra changes should also be considered. Ghirma wanted to delay all considerations until next meeting. In the end it was decided to separate the two issues, and to vote on the currently proposed changes whilst asking Hunt to promulgate further proposed changes for next meeting. Current changes were passed unanimously.


F-Railstation and Rating update (Rod)

·        Rod introduced the proposed NCSRA web-enabled system to be used for assisting the committee and league coordinators with their duties. A small sub-committee (Ghirma, Bill, Rod, John E. and Rohith Shetty) has been considering the merits of the system and developing plan for establishing a first cut system for use in the upcoming Winter season. Initial functionality will be limited to data input, some checking against membership databases, rating update and web report production. (See attached screenshot of league data input page).  Ghirma reiterated the system must be able to exchange data with Railstation.


G-Women (Wendy for Bettina)  League, Howe Cup and Summit WPST


·        Wendy provided the committee with Bettina’s input (I need a softcopy of this).

·        Ghirma indicated that there should be one sponsored NCSRA league format. This was discussed in some details, and it was agreed that informal round robins fell outside the scope of this and are ok. No results or ratings variations would be posted from these informal matches however.

·        It was agreed that NCSRA league should be played at as many clubs in the NCSRA purview as possible.

·        (I don’t have answers to Bettina’s questions – I don’t remember them being addressed???)


H-Membership (Mona)

·      Mona indicated she had some trouble with Railstation which had hampered her efforts in providing membership information this season. This had been solved now.

·      Need to encourage online membership registration.

·      Dual SRA requires extra $20 check to be included.

·      Will provide monthly updates on membership status from now on.


3-NCSRA Hall of Fame

·        Not discussed.


4-Board Election


·        Not discussed


5-Old Business (Annual Party)

·        Discussed in context of Fisher Cup above. All agreed last year’s event was good, but to make it bigger will outgrow the SCLA venue and cost more money. A revenue raising mechanism will be required. Not much support for charging the Fisher Cup players, but a tariff on the NCSRA membership was supported. No resolution on the mechanism for collection. Suggestions made:

o       Increase in NCSRA membership fees

o       Cover charge for party attendance.


6-New/Other Business (Name of Association and Website)

·        Hunt made a pitch on the SquashEmpower Gala on the 24th.


7-Next meeting