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Monday April 23rd 2018



Three Methods of Scoring Matches

In point-a-rally (PAR) scoring points are scored by the person who wins each rally, whether or not he or she served. This can be played to 11 points or 15 points.

PAR-11 scoring is used for most tournaments and all national championship play. If the score is tied at 10 all under this method of scoring, then a player must win by two points to win the game.

For PAR-15, when the score is 14 all, the first player to 14 can select whether the game will be played to 15 or 17 points.

“Hi-Ho-9” is shorthand for hand in-hand out to nine points. With this system, a point is scored only when the server wins a rally. The first player to nine points wins a game. If the score reaches 8 all, then the player who reaches 8 points first decides whether that game is to be played to nine or ten points.

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