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Tuesday March 19th 2019



Record Number of NCS Juniors Compete in US SQUASH Junior Championship

Six NCS Juniors, a Record, Qualify for Harvard Frank Millet Junior Championship Tournament at Harvard University

Congratulations to Cameron Bahadori, Jacqueline Barnes, Geoffrey Keating, Kira Keating, Camille Lanier and Theo Mendez, who qualified to play in the US SQUASH Junior Championship Tournament (Frank Millet at Harvard) November 12-14.

The JCTs are the most difficult tournaments in the nation, and the JCT series of four tournaments is open only to the top 32 nationally-ranked players who apply in each age group. It is a high honor to qualify for this tournament and this is the largest number of NCS Juniors ever to qualify for a JCT. It was especially difficult to gain entry in this JCT as it broke US SQUASH records for applicants.

Kira Keating dropped just one game in four matches to qualify for the GU15 finals, where she lost a close four game match to the #1 ranked player in the nation. Prior to this tournament Kira had not reached a JCT quarterfinals.

Camille Lanier won the GU19 consolation finals by a strong 3-0 margin and Jacq Barnes reached the GU17 consolation quarterfinals.

With the results of the JCT, all six of these NCS Juniors moved up in the national rankings. Kira is at #4 in GU 15, Camille is #10 in GU19, Jacq is #24 in GU17, Cameron is #34 in BU15, Theo is #36 in BU15 and Geoffrey is #68 in BU19.

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