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Rankings for Local Players — Jan. 2001

Juniors from the D.C. area have been getting a lot of tournament play and moving steadily up in the national rankings. Peter and Philip Sopher of Washington have been the most active, appearing in 10 tournaments since the start of the year, and are now ranked 11th and 21st, respectively, among boys under 13 (BU-13). The initial 2001 rankings, posted to the USSRA website in January, had them listed at 24th and 54th.

In its latest rankings for juniors, posted April 16th, the USSRA listed the following National Capital area juniors.

Girls Under 17
Christine Montgomery, McLean, VA — 26
Helen Snodgrass, Washington, DC — 41
Nicole White, Potomac, MD — 44
Margaret Sopher, Washington, DC — 50

Girls Under 15
Christine Montgomery, McLean, VA — 12
Andrea Wood, Washington, DC — 32

Boys Under 19
Gifford Sommerkamp, Bethesda, MD — 26
Scott Hackman, McLean, VA — 30

Boys Under 17
Bob Montgomery, McLean, VA — 22
Nicholas Adams, Arlington, VA — 47
Patrick Harris, Washington, DC — 53
Chris Devor, McLean, VA — 64

Boys Under 15
David Canner, Burke, VA — 11
Jake Gross, Washington, DC — 47

Boys Under 13
Peter S. Sopher, Washington, DC — 11
Philip Sopher, Washington, DC — 21
Alex Gross, Washington, DC — 26
John Hunt R. Devor, McLean, VA — 36

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