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2011 Fisher Cup Draws

May 9, 2011toMay 23, 2011

At the conclusion of the Winter NCS League season, the Fisher Cup Championship determines the top individual players among NCS members who have participated in each division (Premier and Divs. 2, 3, 4 and 5).  It’s a big tournament with prizes for winners and finalists.  Matches count for player ratings and are recorded in US SQUASH.  Best of all, there is NO COST TO PLAYERS!

See the draws here


In past Fisher Cups, play was by invitation from Team Captains who nominated their best two players.  This filtered out many good potential players and left it to the Tournament Director to chase them up when draws of 16 were not filled.  This year NCS will allow as many eligible League players as possible to apply, while reserving select spots in each draw for the highest two rated players who apply from each club.  If an insufficient number of top-rated players apply to enter, lower-rated applicants will be placed in their division’s draws based on their ratings until the draws are full, higher rated players selected first.  When selecting and seeding players, the Tournament Director will primarily consider using NCS ratings. He may also use head-to-head match results and US SQUASH ratings, and he may randomly place players in draws.  His method and determinations are final.


The tournament is sanctioned by US SQUASH and managed here.  The draws correspond closely to the limits of each NCS Division.

US SQUASH Event Designation and (NCS Limits):

Open – for Premier Division Players

5.0 Division 2 (NCS limit 5.0)

4.5 Division 3 (NCS limit 4.4)

4.0 Division 4 (NCS limit 3.8)

3.5 Division 5 (NCS limit 3.2)

5.5 (A) Women

3.0 (C) Women


All preliminary matches are self-scheduled.  Double elimination draws replace the historical round robin boxes of 16 players.    The winners of the first round and quarter-final matches will advance to the semi-finals on Saturday, May 21st.  Playoffs for 3rd and 4th places will be on May 22nd, the day of the finals.  There could be playoffs for 5th through 8th place, subject to court availability.


All players must be current NCS members through May 22, 2011.  For the division draws, first priority will be given to players who have competed in at least 25% of their division’s regular winter 2010-2011 season matches (round up).  For the women’s draw, a player must have participated in at least one NCS Women’s Round Robin OR competed in at least one regular winter 2010-2011 season match.  Up to two unfilled draw spots may be filled at the discretion of the Vice-President for Women, whose determinations will be final.


Various NCS clubs will host the first round and quarter-final matches. The University Club and the Sports Club/LA will host the semifinals on May 21st.  The Sports Club/LA will host the finals on May 22nd.   *Please check the tournament schedule at US SQUASH for match locations and deadlines.


First Round (RD 1) and Quarter-final matches (QF) schedule deadlines:

Premier Div – (QF) 18 May

Div 2 – (RD 1) Tuesday 10 May and (QF) 17 May

Div 3 – (RD 1) Wed 11 May and (QF) 18 May

Div 4 – (RD 1) Thu 12 May and (QF) 19 May

Div 5 – (RD 1) Mon 9 May and (QF) 16 May


As always, after the semis on Saturday 21st there will be a fantastic awards party with buffet, drinks, camaraderie, flowery speeches in praise of NCS members, and presentations of awards including the “Lifetime Service”  and “Junior of the Year” Awards for NCS members who excelled in competition and made valuable contributions to squash and NCS in 2010!   The party is for all squash players who are encouraged to  bring a guest! (very affordable charge TBD)


The TD is Rod Barnes.  Please direct inquiries to him (Tel.  301 801 1609)


The Fisher Cup was established in memory of Geff Fisher, a squash entrepreneur and visionary who died tragically two months after he retired in the early 1990s.  In the mid-1970s, Geff created the first squash junior development programs in Washington, DC.  He also played a key role in the commercial development of squash in the area.  He and his wife Lonnie managed the Courts Royal Club in Merrifield, VA, a popular venue for league players.  Geff served on the board of NCS for many years (including a term as President) and he was instrumental in creating the League we enjoy.  He was a Squash Teaching Professional first at Merrifield, then later at the Regency Sport and Health Club in Mclean, where he started the Madeira School squash program. In 1976 Geff began the National Capital Juniors, a popular January tournament.  He helped persuade USSRA President Warren Smith to create a standing Junior Committee which set a national tournament schedule, instituted USSRA sanctioning, encouraged good sportsmanship and added the feed-in consolation feature that ensured each player got a minimum number of matches.   Geff embodied the NCS principles of “Spirit, Service and Sacrifice”.  Today squash in the nation’s capital would not exist as it is without Geff’s vision, dedication, leadership and determination.   In 1992, NCS renamed its annual adult Squash Championships the “Fisher Cup” in honor of Geff and Lonnie and the lasting, vital contributions they made to squash.

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