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Tuesday March 19th 2019

Online Instructions and Web Help

Online Software User Manuals

US SQUASH has published two short guides for captains that you can print out and refer to when entering your team’s players or entering scores.

Team captain player add-delete documentation (pdf file)

Team Captain Score Entry Documentation (pdf file)

Using the Online League Management System

Here is our guide to using the online system.  This information summarizes information in the US SQUASH manual linked to above.

1. Logon at US SQUASH.  Go to www.USSquash.com.  At the top left of the page, there is a LOGON option.  Click on that.  Put in your email (or user name if you used that instead) and password.

If you’re properly logged in, the grey tab in the upper left corner will read “Logout” – If you’re not logged in, the grey tab will read “Logon”.

If you’ve forgotten your password, there is a “forgot password” function.  You can watch this 1 minute video to learn how to reset your password.  If that does not work, email US Squash or call them at 212-268-4090.

2. Go to the Online League Management webpageClick here to get directly to the webpage with the NCS League.

3. Select your team’s division.  In the “List of Divisions” section, select the name of your league division.

4. Select your team name.

From your league team page, you can do many things:

Add Players to your Roster

Players must be registered on a roster before competing. If they’re not on the roster, it won’t be possible to enter their match scores.

1          Navigate to your team page and click the light yellow “Manage Roster” tab near the top of the page (this tab only appears if the captain is logged in).

2          Find players by entering some letters of their last name, hit search, and select them from the list of players by clicking on the radio button next to their name under Choose.  When you click on “Save and Continue” or “Save and Exit”, they will be added to your team. If their name does not appear in the listing, then you will need to contact them to join US Squash and NCS.

3          Players who are not current US Squash members must renew now so that they are eligible to play and their match results will count in the standings.

Adding players not in the system.  Sometimes a foreign player or new squash player is not  in the US SQUASH database.  Be sure to first check for possible misspellings of the name.  If the player is not in the system, then on the left side of the screen of the team or roster page, click the button for “Create Account.”

Enter the required player information (you will need the player’s date of birth, email, address and phone), and click ‘submit’. The player’s account can now be added to your roster, and an email will be sent to that player with a temporary username and password.

The player MUST be a US SQUASH/NCS member to play matches and avoid defaults for nonmembers.

You can also remove players from your roster. Once you click on the “Manage Roster” tab, you’ll see a garbage can icon next to each player’s name. Clicking on this icon will remove that player. Note: Teams must have at least seven players registered on their roster by October 22, 2011 to guarantee inclusion for the season.

Choose a Co-Captain.  While you do not need a co-captain, co-captains have league website administrative rights for your team, so they can help coordinate matches and report scores in the captain’s absence. Club pros may serve as co-captain.

1          Navigate to your team page and click the yellow “Edit Team ” tab near the top (this tab will only appear if you’re logged in).

2          Click on “Change Co-Captain”

3          Type in co-captains Last Name, First Name and hit yellow “Search” button

4          Find the player and choose “Select”

5          Back on the Team Information page, hit the blue “Save” button.

Report Scores

1          Navigate to your team page.

2          Click on “Record” to the left of the match date. (This link will only appear if the captain is logged in.)

3          For each match played, choose player names and use the drop-down menus to indicate match status:

• “Completed” (all five games were played): Select radio button to indicate winning team and use drop down boxes to select player names. Enter scores for each game.

• “Default” (if one team defaulted because a player did not show or cancelled, or if one player had expired membership): Select radio button to indicate winning team. For drop-down box of winning team, select player name. For drop down box of losing team select ‘Default’. Enter three 11-0 game scores for winning player.

• “Double Default” (f neither player was available): For drop-down box of both teams select ‘Default’ instead of player name.

• “Retired” (if time ended while match was in play, or play stopped because of injury or a player walked out), enter scores for completed games, and for remaining games enter score as 11-0 in favor of winning player.

4          If one player’s US Squash/NCS membership has expired, that player was ineligible to compete. Select “Default” for match status, enter name of current player and for expired player select “Default”. Enter scores as 11-0,11-0,11-0.

5          Submit scores and click ’save’.

6          An email will be automatically sent to the opposing team captain requesting that the scores be confirmed or edited. If the scores are edited, another email will be sent to the original captain with a notice of the edits.

Confirm or Change Scores

After one captain enters the score, an email will be automatically sent to the opposing captain to confirm scores. You can confirm or change scores only within 48 hours of the match.

1          Navigate to your team page.

2          Click on “Confirm” or “Change” to the left of the match date. (This link will only appear if the captain is logged in.)

3          To confirm results, click on yellow “I Confirm This Match” button. To change results, edit scores as necessary following directions above, then hit “Submit” button at bottom.

View League Schedule

Your players can view the league schedule at any time; you do not have to be logged in or be a captain.

1          Go to the NCS League Webpage at US SQUASH.

2          Click on your division’s name.

3          Click on your team’s name.  You can see your team’s whole schedule and roster.  If you want to view the schedule for the whole division, click on the yellow “League Schedule” tab near the top.

Note: The website system displays 7:00 pm as a default match start time. If your match is to be played at another time at your club, inform your division coordinator so the proper time can be listed.

Who to Contact for More Help

For help logging in to the US Squash league website or for U.S. Squash membership or payment questions, contact US Squash (membership@ussquash.com / 212-268-4090).

If you don’t remember your password, you can watch this 1 minute video to learn how to reset your password.

For issues related to league play, contact Contact VP for League Malcolm Jensen at league@nationalcapitalsquash.org