squash in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
Tuesday March 19th 2019

Pay NCS Dues for League Play

Occasionally squash players stay in our area for a short period of time and wish to play in the NCS squash league.  League rules require all team players to be members of NCS as well as US SQUASH.

These temporary residents are already members of another district squash association.  You can become a member of NCS in addition to your district association by becoming a member of NCS too.

If you are already a US SQUASH member, a second district membership costs just $35, which entitles you to all benefits of NCS membership, including league play.

Use your credit card or PayPal account to join NCS or send a check for $35 payable to “National Capital Squash” and mail it to National Capital Squash, 7306 Hooking Road, McLean, VA 22101.

You can use the “Buy Now” button below to add NCS to your US SQUASH membership.