squash in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
Wednesday January 22nd 2020

Info for Captains

2011-2012 League Schedule

Oct 15 Deadline for team confirmation. NCS League Officials will enter your team online.
Oct 22 Deadline for roster registration: teams must have at least seven players registered online (captain does this).
Oct 26 Preliminary match schedule released to captains and pros for review.
Oct 31 Match schedule finalized. Captains reserve courts for season.
Nov 8 League play starts (tentative)
March Playoffs & finals
Apr 20-22 U.S. Squash National League Finals (New Haven, CT)
Apr 26 Season Closer Party
May 4-6 Fisher Cup Individuals Tournament for players in each division.

Match Nights

Monday: Division 5
Tuesday: Division 2
Wednesday: Division 3, Premier
Thursday: Division 4

Captain’s Responsibilities

Oct 15 – Let NCS know your intent to captain a team. We will enter your team online.
OctoberChoose a co-captain who will help manage your team and has access to website to enter scores. Let NCS know who the co-captain is (can be the club pro).
Oct 22 – Create your roster online. You must have at least seven players (current US Squash members) registered by Oct, 22 to be included in the schedule.
Oct 31 – Reserve courts for all home matches once match schedule is final. Work with your club pro on this.
Host captain is responsible for reserving courts and arranging for payment if applicable. (If you are hosting on your courts but it’s actually an ‘away’ game, reserve the courts and collect money from opposing team.)
Players must be current US Squash members to compete. Remind your players to renew memberships throughout the season. Match scores for a player with an expired membership will be automatically recorded as a default in division standings.  If the membership is renewed within a week of the match, the match will count in the standings.
Maintain an active roster with enough players ready to play every week. Have alternates available in case of last-minute schedule changes or injury.
Contact the opposing captain to confirm court times and lineups. Lineups must be confirmed at least one day in advance of the match. You can find opposing captain’s contact information on the Teams webpage.
Premier Division, Division 2 and Division 3 play matches using PAR-11 (Point a Rally, to 11 points), best of five games for the   Divisions 4 and 5, matches will be scored depending on the results of a player survey.
Defaults: any team with three ‘team defaults’ (where two or more players default in one night) may be expelled.
Home Captains supply new balls for matches.
Home Team captains are responsible for ensuring scores within 72 hours of match, or the match will be automatically defaulted to the visiting team by the system. A captain or co-captain of either team can enter scores, but the home captains must ensure it has been done on time. Score disputes should be brought to League Coordinator’s attention.
Review the league rules. Rules keep squash a game of courtesy and honor. Also, following these rules ensures that the league is fair and fun for everyone.
Ensure your players follow the rules. If a player is showing up late, not calling lets/clearing/giving strokes, or not wearing protective eyewear, address the player to maintain fair and safe play.

Need Help?

Problems may arise in the course of the season. Here’s where you can go for answers to your questions:
Membership and payment questions: (including logging on to website) Contact U.S. Squash: Bill Buckingham / 212-268-4090 x17.
Website directions: Visit the Website Help page for instructions on entering scores, adding players to your roster, checking match schedules.
Conflicts with other captains: We ask that captains try to work together to resolve disputes. If you can’t come to an amicable solution, email the NCS League Chair.

Questions on NCS Leagues?

Contact VP for League Abir Ray at league@nationalcapitalsquash.org

Division Coordinators

If you have questions or need an interpretation of the league rules, contact your division coordinator or the VP for League.

Abir Ray,  VP for League

Dan Petrie,  Premier Division Coordinator

Abir Ray, Division 2 Coordinator

Connie Barnes, Division 3 Coordinator

Josh White, Division 4 Coordinator

David Tulchinsky, Division 5 Coordinator

Andrew Mishkin, Division 6 Coordinator

Official Scoresheet

League schedules will not appear on these pages. Look for them at the US SQUASH district league page for National Capital Squash. Click on your division’s name.  Then click on your team’s name.  You can see your team’s whole schedule and roster.  If you want to view the schedule for the whole division, click on the yellow “League Schedule” tab near the top.

Official NCS League Rules can be found here.

League Division Coordinators:  Please use these Excel templates to create NCS-branded schedules of League matches.  They are easy to read and make a uniform, professional-looking, instantly recognizable NCS calendar when posted on the walls at clubs where matches are played.  After you create your schedule of matches online, download the file you need.  Copy and paste extra cells as needed. Type in the team names. Then email the schedules to everyone who reserves courts and posts information courtside for club members.