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Wednesday January 22nd 2020

Fisher Cup

At the conclusion of the Winter NCS League season, the Fisher Cup Championship determines the top individual players among NCS members who have participated in each division (NCS Open and NCS 5.0, 4.5, 4.0, 3.5 and 3.0).  There will also be at least two women’s divisions.  This tournament is FREE!  While the goal of the tournament is to identify the best individual league player, it is also to encourage camaraderie amongst NCS members and reward those that have supported the league throughout the season.

The tournament is sanctioned by US SQUASH and managed at the website ussquash.com.


Eligibility for play in the Fisher Cup is limited to 16 players per division.  These players must have played in three or more matches in a division during the season to be eligible for that division’s draw.  If more than 16 players wish to play, the 16 players with the highest ratings will be selected, with one exception.  If no players on a team were to otherwise qualify, then a spot in the draw may be open to a player from that team.  That spot would be open to one of the team’s top two rated playoff eligible players.


The round of 16, quarterfinals and semis are typically played on the regular league night.  The final is played on a Thursday or Sunday, which varies by year.


All players must be current NCS members through the final scheduled match.  For the Open Division draws, a player must have competed in at least three matches in his or her division’s regular winter team league season matches.  All players must be available to play all of their matches through the finals. If you can’t play in all the matches then you shouldn’t apply to play.


The Fisher Cup was established in memory of Geff Fisher, a squash entrepreneur and visionary who died suddenly and tragically in the early 1990s.  In the mid-1970s he created the first squash junior development programs in Washington, DC.  Geff was a key developer of commercial squash in the area.  He and his wife Lonnie managed the Courts Royal Club in Merrifield, VA, a popular venue for league players.  He served on the board of NCS for many years (including a term as President) and he was instrumental in creating the League we have enjoyed playing in since the mid-1970s.  Geff was a Squash Teaching Professional first at Merrifield, then later at the Regency Sport and Health Club in Mclean, where he started the Madeira School squash program.  Geff is survived by his wife Lonnie, also his business partner in squash.  Squash in the nation’s capital would not be where it is today without Geff’s vision, dedication, leadership and determination.  Geff embodied the NCS principles of “Spirit, Service and Sacrifice”.  In 1992, NCS renamed its annual Squash Championships the “Fisher Cup” in honor of Geff and Lonnie and the important contributions they made to squash.

2015 Fisher Cup Winners and Finalists

Open:  Khaled Abdalla and Shai Ingber (final not played)
5.0:  Khaled Abdalla, Winner, Ben Smith, Finalist
4.5:  Steven Wydler, Winner, Mohit Yadav, Finalist
4.0:  Reymar Santos, Winner, Brad Brigante, Finalist
3.5:  William Chen, Winner, Shahram Zanganeh, Finalist
3.0:  Anneka Wisker, Winner, John Farr, Finalist

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2014 Fisher Cup Winners and Finalists

Premier League: Syed Bukhari, Winner; Alex Gross, Finalist
Division 2: Fabien Sarran, Winner;  Pascal Lienard, Finalist
Division 3: Dan Mulreany, Winner; Taimur Khan, Finalist
Division 4:  Jimmy Li, Winner; Brad Brigante, Finalist
Division 5: Dan Ganz, Winner; David French, Finalist
Division 6: Max Bernstein, Winner; Samarth Chugh, Finalist

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2013 Fisher Cup Winners and Finalists

Premier League: Dan Petrie, Winner; Jose Calderon, Finalist
Division 2: Alex Spillotes, Winner;  Ben Smith, Finalist
Division 3: Eric Waser, Winner; William Craig, Finalist
Division 4:  Rob Patrick, Winner; Jeff Bede, Finalist
Division 5: Isabel Young, Winner; David Katzman, Finalist
Division 6: Aadil Hussain, Winner; Duncan Botti, Finalist

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2012 Fisher Cup Winners and Finalists

Premier Division: Dan Petrie, winner; Ben Hoefs, finalist
Division 2: Richard Scott, winner; Dean Packard, finalist
Division 3: Angel Botto, winner; Michael Shea, finalist
Division 4: Eric Waser, winner; Drew Koeneman, finalist
Division 5: Josh White , winner; Ahmed Nawaz, finalist
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2011 Fisher Cup Winners and Finalists

Premier Division: Jahangir Naseem, winner; Matthew Davis, finalist
Division 2: Teemu Suvanto, winner; Asif Ehsan, finalist
Division 3: Christian Von Hausen, winner; Michael Lieberman, finalist
Division 4: Cameron Bahadori, winner; John Swain, finalist
Division 5: Robert Garral, winner; Josh White, finalist

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2010 Fisher Cup Winners and Finalists

Premier Division: Brian O’Hora, winner; Daniel Petrie, finalist
Division 2: Richard Scott, winner; David Easwaran, finalist
Division 3: Steven Wydler, winner; Munish Sikka, finalist
Division 4: Geoffrey Keating, winner; Jeremy Ho, finalist
Division 5: Hendrik Dey, winner; Andrew Lazerow, finalist

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