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Wednesday January 22nd 2020

Become a Certified Referee

NCS believes that if more players have a better understanding of the rules, skill levels will increase and matches will be safer and more enjoyable.

Therefore we have instituted a rule that gives each team a strong incentive for more players to become certified referees.

Each team will be given a bonus individual match win for each player who is a certified Club referee, up to four bonus wins for four certified players.  These wins will count in the standings to determine playoff eligibility.  Additionally, the percentage of certified referees on a team’s roster will be used as one of the tiebreakers for end-of-season standings and playoff match victories.

The bonus wins will be computed based on the number of certified referees on each team roster who have played in at least one team match as of a certain date in each season.

Here is information on how you can become a certified referee.

Referee Exam

In order to become a certified “club level” referee you must pass the Online Referee Exam.  It is an open book test.

NCS offers a rule and referee clinic, and David Keating has an excellent 45 minute DVD you can borrow that teaches the basics of all the rules.

There are also online resources for learning the rules.  US SQUASH publishes an Abbreviated Rules of Squash page.  You can find the full rules of squash on that page too.

Players can take the exam or check to see if they have passed the exam by going to their profile and following these steps:

Logon to your personal player profile at US SQUASH in My Account.

At the bottom left-hand side of your personal profile landing page, there is a link to ‘Club Referee: Take the Exam’.  Click on this link and follow the steps to complete the exam.  If the Link already says ‘Exam: Club Referee’, you have previously passed the exam.

You may take as long as you wish to complete the examination. Normally, it takes about one hour to complete.  In the event that a certification candidate does not pass the examination, it may be taken multiple times.