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NCS Disciplinary Committee and Procedures

Purpose and Structure

In order to address incidents in which NCS members exhibit excessively poor conduct and/or unsporting behavior during NCS-sanctioned events, and to ensure the fairest possible treatment of  members involved in such incidents, NCS maintains a Disciplinary Committee (DC) with authority to review complaints about members' conduct when submitted on a “Confidential Conduct Report” to the Director of Officiating (DO)  (form available here: NCS Code of Conduct Report);  review evidence pertaining to cases; decide whether or not to award penalties against players; and enforce any penalties.

The DC will consist five (5) NCS Board Members:

1. the President

2. the Vice-President for League

3. the Vice-President for Women

4. the Vice-President for Juniors
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Squash Mom

Squash Mom


An Evening at SCLA with Stefan and Stephane, Super Pros

An Evening at SCLA with Stefan and Stephane, Super Pros

Two super professional squash players put on a thrilling display of squash on Thursday July 15th at the Sports Club/LA.   Stefan Casteleyn, former Number 7 in the world and Stephane Galifi (PSA #50) deftly handled a hardy troop of Patrons in the rarified atmosphere of world class squash for an hour.  The Patrons were thanked with torturous rallies and endless tours of the court, the kinds that sap your strength and resolve.  A supportive crowd cheered, clapped and giggled in appreciation.  The Patrons smiled gleefully through their cruel ordeals, proving that it's a lot of fun to be hopelessly outclassed, get your butt kicked and leave the court gasping for air and wanting more.  Those who won points will remember how good it felt to earn their dues from the Masters of the Game. After the round robin the pros treated everyone to a dazzling match which Casteleyn squeaked out 12-10 in the fifth!

Video: 1986 Rolex USSRA Softball Squash National Championships in Washington, DC

In September 1986, Washington hosted the USSRA Softball National Championships at area clubs. Mr. Meherji K. Madan produced a VHS videotape of the event called "A Vignette, With Love" in honor of the late Ambassador William H.G. FitzGerald, friend and sponsor of squash and creator of the annual FitzGerald Cup team match between Baltimore and Washington first held  in 1955, still contested.

The Championships boasted 350 male and female players in various skill and age groups. It was hosted at five different venues!  The Vignette, funded by a modest NCS grant of $1,000, captures the spirit of full cooperation  among area clubs, and the excitement of the United States' most prestigious squash championship.  See scenes of the competitions and interviews of the players and organizers and squash personalities including past USSRA Executive Director Darwin Kingsley and Geff Fisher, in whose honor the annual NCS Fisher Cup has been played since 1992. A lively music [...Read More...]

Bronze Nationals, Day 2

NCS juniors played well in another successful day of squash Saturday at Yale University in New Haven, CT. Nine of the fifteen here at the Bronze National Championships will play in semifinal, third place and/or finals matches on Sunday, an incredible result. Quite possibly more would still be playing through Sunday, but in several cases two NCS players had to play each other today, and obviously only one could win.

Having all the NCS players playing here has been great -- the players are all doing their best to support each other. It's like having a home away from home and a fan base hundreds of miles from home.

In the BU15s, Zach Ho topped Theo Mendez in the quarterfinals. Zach advances to the semifinals, and Theo plays a semifinal for the right to the fifth place match. Cameron Bahadori lost in the third round of the consolations, meaning he finished in the top 24 of the 60 players here, a promising start for an NCS rookie junior playing in his [...Read More...]

Fisher Cup Invitational

First round
The format for this round is similar to the one used for World Cup Soccer. The field has been organized into four groups of four players each. Each group (box) will be assigned one court, and will play a double round-robin, with each player in the group playing two games against each other player in the group. The beginning service for each game will be determined by a spin of the racquet. At the end of the round-robin, the two players with the best records will advance to the next round. 

As this is a tournament all matches will be refereed. Eye protection is required.

Match Times
As we are attempting to play 12 individual games on each court of the first two rounds, it is critical that all players arrive on time so that the matches can begin and that there is a referee available.

Game Scoring
All games will be played with 9-point scoring, according to the international rules of [...Read More...]

NCS Strategic Action Plan

NCS Strategic Action Plan

An important document created by Former NCS President Meherji Madan in 2008.  Feel free to contact any member of the NCS Board or your Club Representative.  Your views are very important as we  grow and promote our sport.  All Aboard...On to the Next Level!

Donate to NCS Today!

Donate to NCS Today!

Please make a donation to support National Capital Squash. Donations are tax deductible.

Junior Participation in Fisher Cup

There were many impressive Junior performances in this year's Fisher Cup. Geoffrey Keating (div.5) won division five over Jeff Bede 3-1. Another title winner this year was Jacqueline Barnes of Bethesda who beat Donna Sharpe in the Women's C/D division. Merrit Moore also participated in Division 3, but lost in the first round. Kira Keating participated as well, but lost in the first round. Bryan Keating, playing Premier League, clawed his way to the finals after a victory over Results player Terry Hindermann. Bryan lost to Jake Gross in five in a grueling one hour twenty minute match, a rare sight at these events. The Fisher Cup is a great tournament Juniors can enter if they qualify, so get on court and join the league!

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