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Summer Junior Squash Camp Directory

The directory is organized by the date the camp starts.

Each listing shows the name of the camp, its price or price range, camper experience level (Beginner-Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or Elite), information on the lead coaches and how to get more information.

Camp descriptions are taken directly from the sponsor of the camp.

We also have a page for Summer Training Clinics for Adults.

June 16, 2013

Total Squash Camps Junior COED Residential Camp
Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA
$1400 Residential Overnight/$975 Day
Beginner-Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite

3:1 player:coach ratio


Lefika Ragonste, a Botswana National Champion, a 4 time Champion along with a champion for USA U25, Zimbabwe Open and Namibian Open. [...Read More...]

NCS Summer Camp Directory Form

Fill out my online form.

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DC Gold Survey

Take our survey here.

Trifecta 1 Junior Silver, Nov. 30 – Dec. 2

Click here for an entry form or more info.

Visit this page for a list of all regional junior tournaments.

2012 Summer Player Division Minimums — Alphabetical List

Last Name
First Name
Team Name
Min Division

Potomac Squash Club

University Club 2

Results, The Gym


Alam Ali
Regency Sport & Health Club

Potomac Squash Club

Potomac Squash Club



Chevy Chase



[...Read More...]

Fisher Cup History


The Fisher Cup was established in memory of Geff Fisher, a squash entrepreneur and visionary who died suddenly and tragically in the early 1990s.  In the mid-1970s he created the first squash junior development programs in Washington, DC.  Geff was a key developer of commercial squash in the area.  He and his wife Lonnie managed the Courts Royal Club in Merrifield, VA, a popular venue for league players.  He served on the board of NCS for many years (including a term as President) and he was instrumental in creating the League we have enjoyed since the mid-1970s.  Geff was a Squash Teaching Professional first at Merrifield, then later at the Regency Sport and Health Club in Mclean where he started the Madeira School squash program.  Geff is survived by his wife Lonnie, his business partner.  Squash in the nation's capital would not be where it is today without Geff's vision, dedication, leadership and determination.  Geff embodied the NCS [...Read More...]

NCS Officers and Duties

All officers have one year terms, except the president, who is elected for a two year term.  A new president will be elected in 2013.

The duties of the Officers are as follows:

(a)    The President shall be Chief Executive Officer, shall direct the business of NCS, and shall preside at all Board Meetings.
(b)    The President-Elect shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
(c)    The Vice-President for League shall supervise the scheduling of league matches, order and distribute awards to league champions, be responsible for enforcing membership requirements for league play and rule on appeals against decisions by Division Coordinators, to the extent such appeals are permitted by NCS League Rules.
(d)    The Vice-President for Tournaments shall coordinate the scheduling of adult tournaments, to avoid conflicts within the district and minimize conflicts with neighboring districts and major national [...Read More...]

A Message from the World Squash Federation: Back the Bid for the 2020 Olympics

A Message from the World Squash Federation: Back the Bid for the 2020 Olympics

Dear Player,

I see some of you have already jumped on board WSF’s 2020 promo bandwagon which is good news!

WSA and PSA are trying to support WSF as much as possible in the bid process and that means support from all of you as well!

Squash’s Olympic Bid page is www.squash2020.com and it links to the other social media platforms. Adding #BacktheBid2020 to your relevant tweets and changing your facebook profile or facebook fan page to photos of yourselves supporting the bid, and then adding it to the collection at www.squash2020.com too will be great. (You should Email photos to elaine7an@gmail.com as you will not need to upload them themselves as the public will do). Meanwhile, if you have your own website it would be superb if you can add the bid logo (below) and use it to link to the bid site.
There are other [...Read More...]

Junior Championship Tournament — Mid-Atlantic, Deadline Dec. 28.

US SQUASH just announced that the January JCT has been moved to Baltimore.  This is a rare opportunity to play this tournament from home!

Sign up by Dec. 2 to get the lowest entry fee.

Three Methods of Scoring Matches

In point-a-rally (PAR) scoring points are scored by the person who wins each rally, whether or not he or she served. This can be played to 11 points or 15 points.

PAR-11 scoring is used for most tournaments and all national championship play. If the score is tied at 10 all under this method of scoring, then a player must win by two points to win the game.

For PAR-15, when the score is 14 all, the first player to 14 can select whether the game will be played to 15 or 17 points.

"Hi-Ho-9" is shorthand for hand in-hand out to nine points. With this system, a point is scored only when the server wins a rally. The first player to nine points wins a game. If the score reaches 8 all, then the player who reaches 8 points first decides whether that game is to be played to nine or ten points.

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