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Copeland, Butterfield Receive Awards at Howe Cup

Copeland, Butterfield Receive Awards at Howe Cup

At the Saturday night party in conjunction with the 2015 Howe Cup, the Women’s Committee of US Squash presented two annual awards, both to National Capital Squash women.

Congratulations to AJ Copeland who won the prestigious Achievement Award, and to Mona Butterfield – whose passion and dedication to squash are demonstrated in her

organizing the National Capital Squash C and D level DC teams despite the fact she herself can no longer play -- for the Sportsmanship Award.

Here is the US Squash write up on the awards:

The revered Saturday night party took place at the Boston Aquarium where the Feron’s Wedgwood Sportsmanship Trophy and Women’s Achievement Bowl were presented to surprise winners, Mona Butterfield and AJ Copeland respectively. Both Butterfield and Copeland are active in National Capital Squash. Despite continued knee problems which now keep Mona away from actual competition, Mona can [...Read More...]

National Capital Squash District Championships, Deadline Jan. 12

All National Capital Squash members (if you live in the Washington DC area and are a member of US Squash -- you are automatically a National Capital Squash member) are invited to participate in the NCS Championship.  This tournament is open only to NCS members. 

Enter online here.

Entering this event is easy, so choose your draw(s) and enjoy the challenge. There is no entry fee charged by NCS for current US SQUASH/National Capital Squash members.

The entire tournament is played on YOUR schedule, NOT in one weekend.

You will typically have 1 week to 2 weeks, or more, to schedule and play each round.  The amount of time will depend on the size of your draw.  Play begins as early as November and we will send you contact info on your opponents [...Read More...]

Howe Cup Women’s Team Championship (All Skill Levels)

National Capital Squash is fielding women's teams to play in this event.  Teams are available for all skill levels!  Learn more here.

Regional Tournaments List

National Capital Squash has created a page that lists all the adult tournaments in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The page also has links to each tournament's entry form and information page.  Click here to visit the page.

Updates for NCS Website, Facebook, and Twitter

NCS has been making updates to this website that include layout improvements for increased usability, better functionality for the calendar of events, and also full integration with Facebook and Twitter. All posts to the website will be immediately cross-posted to the NCS Facebook and Twitter accounts. As well, the website posts will give you an option to "Like" the post or to "Share" the post on your own Facebook wall. You can use the links below to enable the new Facebook and Twitter features on your accounts. Then "Share" this post with your squash friends using the link below so that they can join also.

NCS Juniors Make Huge Strides in 2010-2011

By any standard, NCS juniors have improved tremendously as a group in the last few years, both in number of national class players and in national ranking.

2009-2010 Statistics

Three juniors qualified for the US SQUASH National Championship, open only to the top 32 players in each age-gender division.

Four juniors qualified for the US SQUASH Silver National Championship (open to the best 32 who are ranked no better than US #33).

Fifteen played in the US SQUASH Bronze National Championship (open to players ranked no better than US #65).

A total of twenty NCS players played in one of the national championships, eliminating the duplicates.

There was some overlap in 2010 as a few played in more than one event, which due to a rule change greatly discouraged such play in 2011.

2010-2011 Statistics

Twenty-seven unique players participated in [...Read More...]

NCS Players Excel at Masters

NCS was well represented at the US SQUASH Masters Squash Championship, which was held at Harvard University earlier this month. Here are some of the highlights.

Jahangir Naseem lost a close five game match to the eventual winner of the 40+ division, but played well the rest of the way and took 6th place. Ross Campbell made consol semis, losing in five games to the consol winner in 45+. Page Lansdale made plate finals, losing a close five game match in 50+. Andrew Strasfogel made the consolation finals in 65+, losing a close 4 game match featuring two tiebreakers. In 70+ Steve Weber played Jerry Welch in the 3rd place match, with Jerry winning in five games. In 75+, Charles Gunn won the consolation finals (5th place) and Robert Pirie reached the consolation semis.

Among NCS women, Leslie Connolly took 3rd in 35+, Deborah Phippard reached the consolation finals in 45+, AJ Copeland advanced to the consolation semis in 50+ and Carole Grunberg made the [...Read More...]

Singles Night – COED Handicap Mixer and Social

Singles Night – COED Handicap Mixer and Social

Please click here:  “SQUASH PLAYERS ARE HOT!” to enter this special NCS squash event!

Members that have difficulty accessing an existing account, please contact squashmembers@gmail.com to get your account info so you can login.
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Record Number of NCS Juniors Compete in US SQUASH Junior Championship

Six NCS Juniors, a Record, Qualify for Harvard Frank Millet Junior Championship Tournament at Harvard University

Congratulations to Cameron Bahadori, Jacqueline Barnes, Geoffrey Keating, Kira Keating, Camille Lanier and Theo Mendez, who qualified to play in the US SQUASH Junior Championship Tournament (Frank Millet at Harvard) November 12-14.

The JCTs are the most difficult tournaments in the nation, and the JCT series of four tournaments is open only to the top 32 nationally-ranked players who apply in each age group. It is a high honor to qualify for this tournament and this is the largest number of NCS Juniors ever to qualify for a JCT. It was especially difficult to gain entry in this JCT as it broke US SQUASH records for applicants.

Kira Keating dropped just one game in four matches to qualify for the GU15 finals, where she lost a close four game match to the #1 ranked player in the nation. Prior to this tournament Kira had not [...Read More...]

Congratulations Capitol Hill Classic and Trifecta 1 Winners!

Congratulations to the Capitol Hill Classic and Trifecta 1 Tournament Winners!

These NCS juniors won, made the finals or finished 3rd in the two NCS area junior tournaments earlier this month.

Capitol Hill Classic Bronze:

BU15 -- Remy Freire, Winner; John Quamme, Finalist
BU17 – Theo Mendez, Winner; Evan Brown, Finalist
GU13 -- Elizabeth L. Gidley, Winner; Joy Stewart, Finalist (first tournament for both!)
GU19 – Rachel Brown, Winner; Katya Lienard, Finalist

Trifecta 1 Silver:

BU11 -- Nilay Neelaveni, Winner; Samuel Jinich, Finalist
BU15 – Remy Freire, Finalist
BU19 – Hunter Mathews, Winner; Greg Berson, Finalist; Sam Patterson, 3rd Place
GU13 – Taylor Nides, 3rd Place
GU19 – Rachel Brown, Winner

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