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Potomac Fever and Wintersun Winners

Congratulations to the NCS Winners at the Potomac Fever (March 4) and Wintersun (March 16) tournaments in these divisions:

Potomac Fever

Open 5.0 -- Ben Rind
Women’s 4.0 -- Sarah Davidson
Open 3.5 -- Syed Ali
Open 2.5 -- Chris Doerr
Women’s 2.5 -- Hitomi Miyake
Men’s 50+ -- Ross Campbell
Men’s 60+ -- Bruce Simons-Morton

Wintersun Report

Carroll Cavanagh won the Men’s 5.0, beating Rod Barnes in five games, including a 12-10 tie breaker in the fifth.  Brent Harris won the 4.0 over Jacq Barnes in a tight four game final.  Two top juniors had a tight four game final in the 3.0 with Liam Rotzoll beating Zach Najera.  Zach won the 2.0.

NCS Players Shine at Masters

Jahangir Naseem reached the finals of the men’s 40+ at the U.S. Masters Squash Championships where he lost in five games.

Carole Grunberg reached the semis of the Women’s 55+, where she lost a tight 4 game match to the winner of the tournament, who won in three games.  Carole won the third place match in four games.

AJ Copeland won the women’s 50+ consolation final.  Deb Phippard reached the consolation finals of the women’s 45+.

Bruce Simons-Morton beat Andrew Strasfogel in the 5th place match that went to five games in the men’s 65+.

Terry Hindermann and Bryce Harding reached the quarterfinals in the men’s 50+.

Updates for NCS Website, Facebook, and Twitter

NCS has been making updates to this website that include layout improvements for increased usability, better functionality for the calendar of events, and also full integration with Facebook and Twitter. All posts to the website will be immediately cross-posted to the NCS Facebook and Twitter accounts. As well, the website posts will give you an option to "Like" the post or to "Share" the post on your own Facebook wall. You can use the links below to enable the new Facebook and Twitter features on your accounts. Then "Share" this post with your squash friends using the link below so that they can join also.

Enter the NCS League Tournament Today!

The individual championship tournament for NCS Winter Squash league players starts May 9, so register by May 5, which is the deadline!   At the conclusion of the Winter NCS League season, the Fisher Cup Championship determines the top individual players among NCS members who have participated in each division (Premier and Divs. 2, 3, 4 and 5). It’s a big tournament with prizes for winners and finalists. Matches count for player ratings and are recorded in US SQUASH. Best of all, there is NO COST to players!

Get more information and register here today

Nominate Someone You Know for a Special NCS Award

Since 2005, NCS has presented awards to exceptional members to commemorate their achievements and contributions of service to the Association and the sport of squash during the previous year.  A  committee of NCS officers and club representatives collects nominations from members and determines who has the  greatest number of votes.   The awards will be presented to the winners at the annual NCS End of Season Awards Party on May 21st after the semi-finals of the 2011 NCS Fisher Cup Individual League Player Championships.



Most Improved Player: Has shown greatest percentage improvement in skill rating, based on April-to-April numerical improvement in RailStation and ratification by Awards Committee. [...Read More...]

Record Number of NCS Juniors Compete in US SQUASH Junior Championship

Six NCS Juniors, a Record, Qualify for Harvard Frank Millet Junior Championship Tournament at Harvard University

Congratulations to Cameron Bahadori, Jacqueline Barnes, Geoffrey Keating, Kira Keating, Camille Lanier and Theo Mendez, who qualified to play in the US SQUASH Junior Championship Tournament (Frank Millet at Harvard) November 12-14.

The JCTs are the most difficult tournaments in the nation, and the JCT series of four tournaments is open only to the top 32 nationally-ranked players who apply in each age group. It is a high honor to qualify for this tournament and this is the largest number of NCS Juniors ever to qualify for a JCT. It was especially difficult to gain entry in this JCT as it broke US SQUASH records for applicants.

Kira Keating dropped just one game in four matches to qualify for the GU15 finals, where she lost a close four game match to the #1 ranked player in the nation. Prior to this tournament Kira had not [...Read More...]

Congratulations Capitol Hill Classic and Trifecta 1 Winners!

Congratulations to the Capitol Hill Classic and Trifecta 1 Tournament Winners!

These NCS juniors won, made the finals or finished 3rd in the two NCS area junior tournaments earlier this month.

Capitol Hill Classic Bronze:

BU15 -- Remy Freire, Winner; John Quamme, Finalist
BU17 – Theo Mendez, Winner; Evan Brown, Finalist
GU13 -- Elizabeth L. Gidley, Winner; Joy Stewart, Finalist (first tournament for both!)
GU19 – Rachel Brown, Winner; Katya Lienard, Finalist

Trifecta 1 Silver:

BU11 -- Nilay Neelaveni, Winner; Samuel Jinich, Finalist
BU15 – Remy Freire, Finalist
BU19 – Hunter Mathews, Winner; Greg Berson, Finalist; Sam Patterson, 3rd Place
GU13 – Taylor Nides, 3rd Place
GU19 – Rachel Brown, Winner

Advice on the New Junior Ranking Sytsem

To date US SQUASH has made several announcements concerning the new ranking system.

There is a page of frequently asked questions, which is a good place to start.

The details of the new system can be found here (pdf).

There is a webpage devoted to all the details here.

Much of the following advice about the new system is based on a email that Philadelphia professional Mike Jefferys wrote.

You don't get penalized for playing a tournament. You should play at least four tournaments to get a ranking that reflects your ability. Your total tournament points are divided by four, even if you only played two tournaments by [...Read More...]

2009-2010 Winter League Results

Bethesda Sport & Health teams dominated this season, making the playoffs except in division 3 and winning the playoffs in every division except division 4.

Here are the winners and finalists:

Premiere Division

Bethesda "Bulls of the Burbs" defeated the Shamrock Rovers (Results, The Gym) in the finals. Players in the finals:

Bryan Keating
Rod Barnes
Pablo Buitron
Matthew Dankner

Other players during the season for the Bulls: Safroadu Yeboah-Amankwah, Ross Campbell, David Easwaran, David Moss and James Zug

Roster for the Shamrocks: Brian O’Hora, Jake Gross, Drew Blacker, Michael Aylward, Nicholas Echeverria, Alex Gross, Terry Hindermann, Matt McCormick, Andrew Maruca, Patricio Grane, Peter Van Geertruyden, John Lindquist, Juan Contreras and David McDonough.

Division 2

Bethesda swept Sports Club/LA in the finals March 23:

#1 [...Read More...]

2009-2010 Junior Awards

National Capital Squash is pleased to announce a new annual awards program to recognize the achievements of juniors who have excelled in US Squash sanctioned tournament play during the 2009-2010 season.

All awards were based on objective standards and we plan to continue presenting these awards on an annual basis for future seasons.

Congratulations to all the award winners for a fine season!

Most Improved Players:

Kira Keating -- Girls Under 15
Cesar Peralta -- Boys Under 17
Geoffrey Keating -- Boys Under 19

Rookies of the Year:

Zachary Ho -- BU13 & BU15
Rachel Brown -- GU17 & GU19
Cameron Bahadori -- BU13 & BU15
Alexander Alvarez -- BU17 & BU19
Greg Berson -- BU17 & BU19
Caroline Resor -- GU17 & GU19

Most Valuable Players:

Liam Rotzoll -- Boys Under 11
Theo Mendez -- Boys Under 13
Zachary Ho -- Boys [...Read More...]

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