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Saturday August 30th 2014

Squash Camps for Adults and Kids this summer. This is a great time to either introduce your child to squash or take his or her game to the next level! Check out all the local options on our special junior squash camp page.

We also have a page for Summer Training Clinics for Adults.



2011-2012 Junior Tournaments Archive

You can view the current junior tournament page here.

You can see the results of 2011-2012 tournaments on this page by clicking on the tournament links.

Bare Hills Championships, Gold, Sept. 9-11
Bare Hills Fall Classic, Baltimore — Silver, Oct. 21-23
Capitol Hill Classic, Washington, DC — Bronze, Nov. 11-13

Trifecta 1 Silver Tournament, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA, Dec. 2-4.
Baltimore Junior Open — Silver, Dec. 10-11.
Northern Virginia Bronze — Bronze, Dec. 16-18
Holiday Junior Open — Silver, Baltimore, Dec. 28-29
Trifecta 2 Silver Tournament, Washington Area, Jan. 13-15
Junior Championship Tournament — Mid-Atlantic, Baltimore, Jan. 14-16.
Virginia Juniors Mid-Atlantic Championship, Tier 1 (3/4 of Gold points), Jan. 27-29, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA.  This tournament is open only to players in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Salty Hawkins Bronze, Richmond, Feb. 3-5.
Trifecta 3 Silver Tournament, Washington Area, Feb. 17-19.
Meadow Mill Bronze, Baltimore, Feb. 25-26.
Meadow Mill Gold, Baltimore, March 9-11.
Meadow Mill Silver, Baltimore, April 21-22.
Bare Hills Silver, Baltimore, May 11-13

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