squash in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia
Monday November 18th 2019



2011-2012 Junior Tournaments Archive

You can view the current junior tournament page here.

You can see the results of 2011-2012 tournaments on this page by clicking on the tournament links.

Bare Hills Championships, Gold, Sept. 9-11
Bare Hills Fall Classic, Baltimore — Silver, Oct. 21-23
Capitol Hill Classic, Washington, DC — Bronze, Nov. 11-13

Trifecta 1 Silver Tournament, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA, Dec. 2-4.
Baltimore Junior Open — Silver, Dec. 10-11.
Northern Virginia Bronze — Bronze, Dec. 16-18
Holiday Junior Open — Silver, Baltimore, Dec. 28-29
Trifecta 2 Silver Tournament, Washington Area, Jan. 13-15
Junior Championship Tournament — Mid-Atlantic, Baltimore, Jan. 14-16.
Virginia Juniors Mid-Atlantic Championship, Tier 1 (3/4 of Gold points), Jan. 27-29, Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA.  This tournament is open only to players in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Salty Hawkins Bronze, Richmond, Feb. 3-5.
Trifecta 3 Silver Tournament, Washington Area, Feb. 17-19.
Meadow Mill Bronze, Baltimore, Feb. 25-26.
Meadow Mill Gold, Baltimore, March 9-11.
Meadow Mill Silver, Baltimore, April 21-22.
Bare Hills Silver, Baltimore, May 11-13

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